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Spanier Building Maintenance

Your Partner in Comprehensive Facility Care

Navigating the complex needs of facility management can be challenging, but with Spanier Building Maintenance, you’re in expert hands.

Our array of specialized services, from day porters to concierge services, showcases our dedication to fulfilling every aspect of building care and guest experience. Here’s a closer look at some of the distinguished services we proudly offer:

  Day Porter
At Spanier Building Maintenance, our Day Porter service ensures that commercial premises remain clean and well-maintained throughout daily operations. Our porters work diligently to manage trash, clean communal areas, and respond to immediate needs, offering an uninterrupted pristine environment.

  Route-Based Crews
With our route-based crews, we provide consistent and regular maintenance services across multiple locations. These dedicated teams are strategically deployed to offer seamless cleaning and upkeep, ensuring each site on its route receives meticulous care.

Offering more than just a welcoming face, our doormen are trained to provide security, manage access, and ensure the smooth flow of residents and guests in and out of buildings. They are pivotal in maintaining the reputation and safety of high-end residential and commercial establishments.

front-desk-services NY

  Front Desk
Our front desk services go beyond traditional reception tasks. Trained in customer service excellence, they handle inquiries, manage appointments, offer general assistance, and serve as a pivotal point of contact, ensuring operations run smoothly and visitors are well-assisted.

  Specialty Services
Spanier Building Maintenance recognizes that every facility has unique needs. Our specialty services cater to those specific requirements, whether it’s advanced cleaning, specialized maintenance, or any other tailored solution, we ensure your facility gets the precise care it deserves.

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